Letters to the editor 11/22/07


Wake up call on parking for La Jolla

It seems that Promote La Jolla has, indeed, awakened the not-so-sleeping giant.

Marjorie McNair

La Jolla

Back on track

On 10/17/07 I sent a letter to the editor regarding closure of the La Jolla HS track to public use. Because my letter was not published till the 11/8/07 edition, it is necessary to update the information. Responding to public input, Mr. Shelburne, the principal, held a public meeting on 11/1 at which he briefed us on the school’s concerns. There was near unanimity from those attending that we wished to work with the school on measured steps to maintain public access.

As a result, the principal will be reopening the track during daylight hours beginning 11/13, while posting clear signs regarding conditions of use. For example, runners and walkers will be expected to wear proper running shoes, use the outer lanes of the track, refrain from use during games and practices, while animals, wheeled devices such as bikes, scooters, strollers, rollerblades and skateboards will be prohibited.

I would like to commend both the LJHS Administration and interested public for engaging in a cooperative approach to balance public access with the need to protect the facility. I urge those of us who use the track to do so responsibly, and to remind those who are not complying with these very reasonable conditions that their actions could well lead to permanent closure of this great community resource to the public. I also encourage any who have ideas or observations to either contact the principal directly, or if you contact me I would be happy to share your information with those others who have expressed an interest in this matter.

Igor Grant

La Jolla

Parking meters could become a reality

Every few years, the various boards, primarily the Promote La Jolla Board and Parking and Transportation Board have raised their ugly heads about the lack of parking in our community. I had the privilege of being born and raised in this beautiful community and I now reside here as well as run a 3rd generation business called Adelaide’s in La Jolla. I have twice been a board member of Promote La Jolla as well as a member of the La Jolla Coastal Access and Parking Board representing Promote La Jolla. I am not involved any more because of the issues with the pay-to-park meters within the shopping areas and along the coastline (which draws people from everywhere in the county to our community), as well as trying to change residential streets into limited timed areas around the Village which makes it impossible for employees to find parking.

Adelaide’s is one of the businesses in La Jolla that subsidizes our employees with parking in the garages because we feel it’s important for our customers to find parking. Shame on the businesses that allow their employees to park in front of their and other businesses and move their cars every one to two hours, mainly when there is parking available on surrounding residential streets and through the Parking and Transportation Board. Owners need to set an example, and it does not matter if you are a retail business, accountant, Realtor, restaurant, office professional, mortgage broker, health professional, etc.

Tragically it would be a death sentence handed down to independent business owners and building owners if we allowed this pilot parking program to go through. The first 30 minutes free is just dangling the carrot in front of the horse… we all know that as soon as the meters are in for a few months, the price will start running as soon as we pull into the space. The BID (Promote La Jolla) should be more focused on making our business area more beautiful and expanding on the underground parking with the Parking and Transportation Board in order to negotiate reduced rates for employees to be able to park in the structures.

Part of living in the Village is having other people park in the nearby residential areas and at times it can be frustrating to find a place to park in front of your own home. I live by La Jolla High School and I chose to live there knowing that if I were to go home for lunch or take a day off, I might not be able to park in front of my own home. But to ask for special treatment and demand that all the streets around the school have timed parking would not only be unfair to La Jolla High School, but to the parents and students.

We have too many residents that shop and support our wonderful Village and they continue to support us year round. Don’t let Promote La Jolla take what precious few assets we can offer, which is free parking in our community.

Gina Phillips, Owner

Adelaide’s Florists and Decorators