Letters to the Editor Sept. 17 issue: Some safety precautions needed in La Jolla Shores

Some safety precautions needed in La Jolla Shores

I’ve lived in La Jolla Shores for about two years. Since I have moved here, there have been two serious car accidents involving pedestrians in the area. Still, some entity has installed what appears to be an unmarked (for vehicles) crosswalk at the entrance to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. Also, the new signage at the beach has very pointed corners just waiting for some poor child to run into and be injured by. I hope these issues are corrected before someone gets seriously hurt. (Pictured.)

Steve Siegel

Young surfers invited to Menehune contest

The WindanSea Surf Club will hold its 50th annual Menehune Surf Contest on Oct. 3 at La Jolla Shores. The club has hosted this “by the kids for the kids” surf contest since 1965. Always a big hit with the young competitors, the contest provides a great look into WindanSea Surf Club history! All surfers — ages 16 and younger — are welcome to participate. The event is sure to be memorable as the junior members of the club are busy planning a fun day for the kids. T-shirts, goodie bags, food, prizes, awards and a pizza party are all in the mix.

For the second year, a number of club juniors have taken on leadership roles of several of the management tasks to make the 2015 Menehune Surf Contest a great surf event. This contest committee includes Matthew Perreault, Madeline Perreault, Jordan Schultz, Katy Koenig, Emma L’Hullier and Lorenzo Villela. Among the adult club leaders who are part of the team are Chip Hasley (president), Chris Nyhan, Harold Reid and Steve Jenner.

The Menehune contest is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the WindanSea Surf Club and helps support all the community service projects the club hosts. This includes the two “Day at the Beach” events for the “special surfers” and the children from St. Vincent De Paul Father Joe’s Village in July and August. Go to for details, registration and payment of the $55 entry fee. Sign up before Sept. 19 to avoid the $10 late fee.

Madeline Perreault

Kudos to Rough Water Swim’s kind lifeguards

Sunday’s Rough Water Swim city lifeguard Kelsey Gleason is my hero! I asked her if there was something she could do to assure that all Women Masters (age 40 and older group) would be allowed to finish the swim in a timely fashion. The Women Masters are allotted 25 less minutes than the Men Masters! Where is the fairness in that?

During the Rough Water Swim two years ago, the last six Women Masters, including me, were blocked by lifeguards on surfboards about 300 feet from the finish and told to tread water for 10 minutes as they waited for the Men Masters to start and pass them! It appeared that the same thing was going to happen this year, despite two years to remedy the problem.

This unpublicized discrimination added 10 minutes to the women’s times. The water was also colder than this year, and I was hospitalized with hypothermia and atrial fibrillation, and another woman had severe leg cramps. The delay procedure was never mentioned in any swim materials.

After I spoke with Kelsey during this year’s swim, she talked with Mike Manley, city lifeguard operation section chief. She asked him to speak with the lifeguards so they would allow the women stragglers to finish in a timely fashion. In fact, the lifeguards on boards escorted the final two women in with cheers from the waiting Men Masters. Thank you Kelsey and Mike!

Kelsey took the initiative, used common sense, respect and concern for safety to advocate for fair treatment. Hopefully, next year the La Jolla Rough Water Swim operations committee will finally, officially, allot Women Masters swimmers equal time to the Men Masters!

Alison Paul

Attracting sharks near swimmers is reckless

Reckless endangerment is a crime that results in substantial risk of serious injury or death. Intent to harm is not required, just disregard for the foreseeable consequences of ones actions. Chumming is luring sharks by throwing bait consisting of fish parts or blood into the ocean to attract fish or sharks. I have many friends who are avid fishers. None are so reckless as to “bleed out” or clean their catch close to swimmers, surfers, skin-divers and children.

The two men in the kayaks luring the Hammerhead Shark two weeks ago committed reckless endangerment (in my opinion). We are very fortunate that the Hammerhead Shark, or some other local predator sharks (Great White, Mako) did not, out of instinct, attack a swimmer in the area. Seeing the video of the shark circling the kayaks, clearly attracted by the fish blood is a grim reminder that fishermen need to be educated and a lot smarter.

The encouraged seal propagation at Casa Beach (Children’s Pool) is already a ticking time bomb. The City Council and/or Fish & Wildlife should immediately pass a law to prohibit such reckless behavior within two miles of any beach, surfers or swimmers to protect the rest of us from such careless and hazardous acts. Fish & Wildlife should check to see if the offenders had a fishing license.

Matt Peterson

Self-checkout stations at Vons will be missed

An employee at Vons told me they will be discontinuing the self-checkout stations in about a week. (I think there are six or more.) They’ve been in place about five years, she said, but they’ve been a money loser for the chain because people are not entering the correct numbers, making mistakes or shoplifting, so they’re going to put in express lanes with cashiers. I liked the self-checkout because when I needed just a couple of things I could be in and out of the store pretty quick.

On the issue of what to name the new theaters on Fay Avenue, an old-time La Jollan told me she was happy they were calling the theater “The Lot” because that’s what the parking lot above WindanSea is called. A little too esoteric for most people here to know!

Jim Stewart

Editor’s Note: Cashier “Lily” said Vons confirmed that the grocery store is undergoing a mini remodel and for the next few weeks it will close at 10 p.m. More express lanes are coming to accommodate shoppers in a hurry.

Helicopter noise in Shores is upsetting

The noise pollution from helicopters in La Jolla Shores area night and day is unacceptable. Flights over residential areas should be limited to emergency situations. Please join me in asking our legislators to prohibit non-emergency flights over residential areas.

Sari Gantzel

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