LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: La Jolla Light June 11 issue

Lifeguards in La Jolla Shores help make a birthday extra special

On June 6 at La Jolla Shores Beach, Lt. Rich Stropky of the San Diego Lifeguard Service gave my friend Jan Donaldson a birthday gift she will always remember. Rich and his crew escorted Jan to the water’s edge so that she could relive the joys of feeling the breeze on her face as the waves lapped at her feet.

Jan uses a walker but has difficulty transferring (positions). Without Lt. Stropky’s help, she would not have been able to access the water’s edge. He also moved a sturdy lifeguard chair to the water so that she could sit and appreciate the experience. The wheelchair with pontoon wheels that is usually available to the public was out for repairs. Kudos to the lifeguard team! A job well done!

Ellen Warner Scott

White Sands salutes its military veterans

Elizabeth Hospice and White Sands La Jolla on Olivetas Avenue held a ceremony May 26 to recognize and thank 26 veterans residing at White Sands for their military service. A moment of silence was also recognized as we remembered those who died in service to our nation in honor of Memorial Day. Jan Jones, CEO of The Elizabeth Hospice remarked at the event, “It is so important to recognize the contributions of our veterans and let them know their service to our country is appreciated and not forgotten.”

Lisa Marcolongo

Can’t beat La Jolla Light for community insight

Since I moved here months ago, I have read La Jolla Light weekly and I have to say kudos for having the L.A. Times as your new owner.

I worked in the mailroom downtown while attending university. I always read the letters to the editor to get a feel for what the Village thinks. First it was excessive trash left on the streets and around the trashcans, now, for two weeks in a row, it is about helicopter noise. Really! I know Napa is the Wine Capital of California, but now I’m thinking La Jolla is the Whine Capital.

Also kudos to Ashley Mackin for the interview with the bipolar high school student; it was a top-notch piece of journalism.

Jeff via snail mail

Where can one volunteer?

I recently moved to La Jolla and am looking for local volunteer opportunities. For a newcomer, they are not that easy to find. Would you consider adding a column to your paper listing volunteer opportunities, both ongoing and one-time? Our old paper had a section with listings submitted directly by the organizations; the paper’s staff didn’t have to do the research!

Jill Murray

Editor’s Note: Great idea! Thank you for taking the time to put this in front of the community. La Jolla Light typically runs a story about what local nonprofits need volunteers and donations at Thanksgiving, but a monthly roundup of places that need help would be smarter.

La Jolla-based entities that need volunteers are being asked to send along your requests and contact information to for our new column, and we will start publishing a list. Jill, here are a couple to get you started: La Jolla Meals on Wheels (and its sister program, La Jolla Friendly Visitors) need help, call (858) 452-0391; Surfrider Foundation, needs help with monthly beach cleanups, visit

Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

I write regarding feedback by the gentleman contemplating the emphasis made on Shauna’s stabilization and the positively skewed coverage surrounding her situation — remarking that Hilter himself would have even been supported by a glowing review of his artwork in the La Jolla Light. One question, folks; what if people had rallied around, authentically encouraged, lavished support and even guided Hitler with his artwork? What if, my friends? The wolf you feed is the wolf that wins. I’m proud to be part of a community that lives their values and feeds the right wolf. The true reach of your actions will forever ripple on.

Kat Cowley

Helping the homeless may require two sides of care

I absolutely agree with last week’s letter concerning the other side of Shauna’s story that was missing from the La Jolla Light’s report. As a mother of an adult child with mental illness, I know only too well that the most important thing in keeping his behavior under control is his daily schedule of anti-psychotic medication. It is certainly an extremely honorable mission this group of women is on; trying to find housing for homeless individuals. However, that is only a band-aid for the problem. I also hope they are diligent in making sure that Shauna is taking the appropriate medications for her mental condition. I would certainly be unhappy if she lived next door to me and exhibited loud and frightening behavior.

R.I. Sherry

Tips for ridding sea lions

1) Disguise a drone

Has anyone considered a drone in the form of a killer whale or shark (or some other natural predator) that could cruise around off shore in the problem areas of La Jolla Cove and scare off the sea lions? Perhaps a talented hobbyist could create such a creature, if a model does not already exist at SeaWorld or some other amusement park.

Pamela Swartout

2) Fake ’em out!

I am a native San Diegan and enjoy your weekly coverage of the Sea Lions vs. Noses saga at the Cove. I thought you would like to share with your readers this week the solution an Oregon community is trying out to take care of their sea lion issues — they are going to use a fake killer whale!

Here’s the story from the Huffington Post: “KING-TV reports that Terry Buzzard of Island Mariner Cruises has used the life-size mock orca to promote his business during parades and events. He heard about the hundreds of sea lions taking over the docks in Astoria preventing boat owners from using their slips, and offered to help. Buzzard says he doesn’t know if the fake orca will scare away the sea lions. The Port of Astoria has tried using electrified mats, but those aren’t working. They’ve also considered fences. At worst, Buzzard says the fake orca will be an amusing distraction for the humans.”

Maybe SeaWorld can loan us a fake killer whale. Stank be gone!

Kristoffer Kelly

Editor’s Note: Kris Kelly followed up with this Huffington Post update: “A fake orca brought in to scare sea lions from the port in Astoria, Oregon, instead flipped over, filled with water, nearly sank and didn’t do a thing to rid the town of the animals, which locals say are basically the worst visitors ever. The fiberglass orca (which is actually a boat named ‘Island’ with an operator inside) resembles the predator known to snack on sea lions. It even has speakers that can play orca sounds. But the sea lions seem to know a fake when they see one, because they haven’t budged.”

McMansions come with more than a hefty pricetag

Yes, I am concerned about McMansions in La Jolla. How does La Jolla connect with Sharon Wampler and Dana Williams to make a combined effort? Look at what is happening on Hillside Drive. We built a house there more than 40 years ago. The city rebuilt the street in front of our house with rebar and said the rest of Hillside Drive was a dirt road in the 1940s to reach the navy installation on Mt. Soledad. After the war, concrete and blacktop were put on top with no underlying re-enforcement. Only the section of hillside in front of a residence at 7405 was said to have a prayer of withstanding any major land movement. Why does the city approve the building of the four houses further down the hill? It is tragic and someday may be a very sad story! La Jolla needs a voice.

S. McWalden

Time to start toting reusable shopping bags, my friends!

I love my local Vons and enjoy all the great folks who work there, but “green” they ain’t! You can’t get a stick of gum in that place without someone wanting to put it in a plastic bag. According to one source, they go through an average of 30,000 bags a month and maybe more. Same goes for the meat department where every piece of meat comes on a Styrofoam tray. All that plastic ends up in landfills and the ocean where it will remain for the next 10,000 years!

Currently, Vons will sell you a reusable shopping bag. Why not give them away for free to all Vons’ club members? In Europe, people have been bringing their own shopping bags into the marketplaces for decades. Why can’t we?

Mark Anderson

Cheers for La Jolla’s 10U Team

I couldn’t help but notice that the one La Jolla team to win their championship game on Memorial Day received but a single line in an otherwise excellent article on the La Jolla Youth Baseball post season teams. Missing from the article was the fact that the 10U team came from behind by scoring seven runs in the fifth inning to put away the final game.

Jacob Campagna got the comeback going with a booming home run to center in the fourth inning. Binks Deatherage was the starting pitcher and Brett Lawton finished the game for La Jolla.

The 10Us won four out of five games in the tournament and were led by Campagna who had a .727 average, made a number of great plays on defense and pitched two strong games. John Hartford launched a monster home run to center in the first game.

The team also received strong pitching from Jamil Labra, Landyn McKeown and Kevin Steele.

T.J. Bibler, Sebastian Altomare and Dillion Popkins played stellar defense while Austin Bale and Nathan Kirn combined for 17 stolen bases. Coach Mike Campagna passed out trophies to the winners and thanked Tecolote for putting on a great tournament.

Tyler Lawton

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