LETTERS: Student libraries in the Philippines are in great need of used books

This letter is in response to your call for possible recipients of used books. My husband, Amando, and I have partnered with some Filipino-American friends, Alas Cargo, an International freight forwarding company owned by Tracie Syhongpan, and the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University Center for Educational Development (ACED) to collect and ship quality, used books to form the nucleus of public elementary and high school libraries in the Philippines.

The Philippine government meagerly funds its public schools, and does not consider establishing libraries for its million students a priority. Reading books is an imperative complement to classroom instruction. Without libraries, Philippine public schools fail to stimulate the imagination and dreams of their students, hence the costly loss of opportunity to spur the country’s development.

On Oct. 27, 2014, ACED in Manila received 35 cartons of elementary, young adult and reference books shipped gratis by Alas Cargo.

We would like to sustain this partnership with donations from the community. Fr. Bienvenido Nebres retired as Ateneo president in 2011, but continued to be involved with ACED.

I hope La Jolla Light and its readers will support our goal of enhancing the education of Philippine public school students and list our project among recipients of donated used books. I am willing to pick up used books from donors’ homes.

Prudence Gaspar, La Jolla

Editor’s Note: The Light is happy to pass along this information and will put anyone with books to donate to this project in touch with the Gaspars. Send inquiries by e-mail to

Used books could help Down Syndrome group

I’m happy to pass along the website address for an organization that will pick up your used books and then sell them to raise money for field trips for children with special needs

You can also find more information at and when you go to the site, it explains what the profits are used to support. I think it is a very worthwhile organization. The phone number is (619) 777-6724.

Ruth Perlin, La Jolla