Letter to the Editor: Open letter to Councilman Scott Peters

Dear Mr. Peters:

Are the homeowners in La Jolla at war with you and our other elected officials?

Shouldn’t you stand up and say what is obvious: La Jolla cannot support any further increase in density because the present traffic volume has already saturated its streets.

It is almost impossible to safely enter main streets like Torrey Pines Road, Pearl Street, and La Jolla Boulevard from smaller streets like Viking, Eads and Belvedere. Traffic lights on the main streets quickly back up traffic across the smaller streets and, even when the intersection is not blocked, make it impossible to see oncoming traffic from the opposite direction. But the problem doesn’t end there: many drivers are consequently cutting through narrow streets, like those in the Barber tract, to get to a street that has a traffic light.

In addition to preventing residents from safely getting in, out, and around town, the present level of traffic is responsible for an increasing number of vehicle and pedestrian accidents. I, a careful driver, was recently in an accident on Pearl Street and my brother- in-law was hit and almost killed while in a crosswalk. What is going on? Is this a neighborhood or a war zone?

In a recent meeting of the LJCPA at the Rec Center, you said the third-story proposal was “off the table.” Apparently it is not, Mark Lyons, a CPA trustee, architect, and proponent of a three-story project, recently renewed his proposal under the guise of a new plan.

Now, I understand, the 30-foot limit is in jeopardy.

More and more La Jolla residents are joining the effort to save our community from the greed-driven density enthusiasts. Which side are you on?

Joseph Annino

La Jolla