Letter to the editor: March 15, 2007

Don’t support La Jolla’s parking plan

I have just read with astonishment the La Jolla Parking Plan to charge both residents and visitors for parking. The board that approved such a plan claims that it relied on an expert who wrote a book on “the high cost of free parking.”

Well allow me to tell you and the expert that we La Jolla residents have already paid for the “free parking” and continue to pay each year our outrageous property tax bills are paid. We continue to pay the absurdly regressive sales tax and we continue to pay for all the things that should be included for what we have already paid. We have already given plenty for our overpriced properties and suffer the complete absence of city services. Our streets are a mess, the designation of parking spaces is haphazard and inefficient, the prohibited parking spaces make no sense and the cost of enforcement is prohibitive.

As every governmental group has ever done, this one or ones as it appears, feels that the solution is to enact a parking tax, for that is what it should be called, on every La Jolla resident to park in their community for which privilege they have already paid dearly and continue to pay.

The regressive charges for parking also defy common sense. Is a parking garage going to be erected? No! Are designated parking areas going to be enlarged to accommodate increased parking. No! Then what is the goal of the new charges? Deter parking? Deter commerce? Deter people from parking around La Jolla to enjoy what this community has to offer? Deter residents from enjoying what they have already paid for? In other cities parking fees are used to build parking facilities. In La Jolla, the proposed parking fees are to collect a new regressive tax. I have an alternative idea.

Disband all the boards and committees looking into this non-problem. Re-examine the parking spots with an aim to increasing the available spots by removing or changing some of the restrictions, allowing head-on parking instead of only parallel in some areas where it is not now permitted. Need money, cut costs! Stop taxing everybody for everything to support the vegetative infrastructure of more and more government. Pretty soon there will be a street tax so we can pave our streets unless we start doing it ourselves. We need to take back the control of our community from people who are clearly out to lunch on this subject, but not in La Jolla, where soon it will be too expensive to park while they eat.

Arthur Alan Wolk

La Jolla