Let your heart guide you


Do what is right and you will never go wrong. Mother Ocean revels truth for those that would yearn to seek it.

Mother-ocean is abundant in the lessons she teaches mankind. Harmony, health, happiness, confidence, challenge, freedom and faith are but drops of truth in her massive ocean of wisdom.

The ocean is the ultimate dispenser of life and truth, and teacher of wrong and right.

Knowing the right thing to do at the right time is not always easy. However, every surfer has an inner guide to help them make the right decisions. It’s called heart. Like a surfer, learn to listen and trust your gut feelings. Let your conscious be your guide.

Gut feelings are the feelings that come from deep inside, emanating from your heart.

Surfers’ hearts may tell them one thing, but their minds may say another.

When your feelings tell you the waves are too big to surf, but your mind says something different, listen to your feelings. When your heart says “go” and your mind says “no,” listen to your heart.

The mind says, “I am tired. I cannot keep paddling.” The heart says, “As long as my arms can move, I can. I will keep paddling.”

Deep within every surfer is the primitive instinct for survival. Every surfer has access to this inner guide. However, not all surfers trust or listen to their feelings.

Every surfer wants to do the right thing, but it’s not always easy to know what the right thing is to do. Experience and understanding go a long way in making the right decision as does advance knowledge.

However, all the experience, understanding and advance knowledge in the world do not guarantee a surfer will always make the right decision. Often, a surfer has no time to make any decision at all and is left with but one choice: to react.

The very worst thing a surfer can do is to get caught up trying to listen to his mind and heart at the same time, when they are saying opposite things.

It’s best to listen to and react from your heart. Thoughts can betray a surfer, but the heart is every faithful. Trust and believe what your heart tells you and you will always find your way.

Optimally, a surfer’s feelings and thoughts should be harmonious to achieve positive and affirmative results. The basis for making right decisions begins with feelings, followed by thought, action and results.

Let your heart be your guide. Aloha.