Let me toss this out; Mayor Filner please resign

San Diegans are discovering themselves satirized in a scathing, demeaning, political mess -- attorneys are arriving, more “injured parties” are coming forward, threats for a mayoral recall are taking place and astronomical legal expenses for San Diegans are imminent. It’s ugly … and it’s only the beginning.

But this could all be avoided. How? By starting with LETTUCE — yes, as in salad.

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My friend, Max, and I were having lunch at La Jolla’s Museum of Contemporary Art Museum Cafe last week. When the waitress took our order, Max requested that the server give her only “half of the fabulous organic lettuce,” because it would be too much for her to eat. She didn’t want the restaurant to waste produce (economic awareness), didn’t want a discount for the diminished size of the salad (altruism), and said it in a friendly way so the waitress wouldn’t be offended (civility).

After hearing this exchange, I asked her to run for mayor! Granted, saving some lettuce and then having my friend run for mayor doesn’t quite equate, but the simple request about the lettuce had resonance; Mayor Filner should behave like my friend, order a salad for all the right reasons, and then resign with decency.

Forever delusional,

Bev Grant,La Jolla

Financial support growing for Children’s Pool sidewalk project

For all of us at La Jolla Parks & Beaches, I want to thankLa Jolla Lightheartily for the coverage you provided in the July 26 issue (about the beautification project at Children’s’ Pool beach). Every time the Light prints our graphics, we hear warmhearted compliments and receive community-wide encouragement. Nearly 50 donors have contributed to the project thus far. We have received a second donation from our generous benefactors at La Jolla Kiwanis and notification of several more on the way from others.

Although we’re still a very long way from our goal of $250,000 to build a new walkway, seating walls and planters in connection with the new lifeguard tower at the Children’s Pool, we’re working hard to gather the funds and to complete our plan, which will benefit everyone — wildlife watchers and beachgoers alike.We are deeply grateful for your help.

Phyllis MinickChair, Beautification CommitteeLa Jolla Parks & Beaches, Inc.

Art association welcomes support

Thank you from the La Jolla Art Association for your recent article on the “Some Like It Hot” exhibition. The La Jolla Art Association has started by Ellen Browning Scripps and has been around since 1918. In these economic times it has been a challenge to keep the all-volunteer gallery thriving, so we really appreciate the support the La Jolla Light has given to LJAA.

Judy Judy Judy

Vice President, LJAA

Libertarians: Good-bye to Filner and his kind

If the accused denies the allegations, I think that juries should be judging

these matters, not the public. But when the accused confirms the

allegations, all that is left for the employers (the voters) to decide is whether or not

someone who is in the habit of violating persons, property, or liberty

should be left in a position of power to continue his misdeeds. I say “No”

to that idea.

Of course, most libertarians would call for the resignation of all

politicians who conduct themselves in a way that violates others whether it be by personal contact or policy making.

Michael BenoitChair of the San Diego Libertarian Party

Leaf-blowers should be banned on weekends

I agree with Howard Tenenbaum’s letter of Aug. 1. Leaf-blowers should be banned on weekends. I’d add that a decibal limit would be a big plus. I’ve been delivering mail for 27 years. When leaf blowers first came out they were motor-scooter sounding. They’ve developed into jet-engine ear-piercing contraptions. There have been many days when I thought San Diego consisted of an ocean and a leaf blower.

You can complain to the city at(619) 236-5500. How did we survive with just rakes?

Eric Taub,La Jolla