Learn about parking ‘enforcer’


The recently completed AutoVu pilot program, a new high-tech system for detecting parking violators, will be a discussion item on the agenda of the Traffic & Transportation Board at its next meeting at 4 p.m. today at La Jolla Rec Center.

Lt. Dan Christman of the San Diego Police Department will speak.

With AutoVu, a slow-moving vehicle equipped with dual infrared cameras reads a car’s license plates and compares them with a plate database to determine if it is in violation. The system eliminates the need for tire chalking.

The vehicles are also equipped with GPS to determine if a particular vehicle in that spot has only moved a few spaces away.

Officials said the system is also much faster than the chalk-the-tires method, allowing parking officers to check 1,000 cars in the time that it took to check 300 the old-fashioned way. The absence of chalk also means vehicle marking is undetectable.