League recommends ‘no’ on Prop. D

By Norma Damashek

Co-president, San Diego League of Women Voters

Election Day is just around the corner. On June 8, voters will be deciding the fate of Proposition D — Strong Mayor. Prop. D is the controversial ballot measure that increases the size and cost of city government and turns our temporary Strong Mayor system into a permanent form of governance for San Diego. The League of Women Voters recommends a “no” vote on Prop. D.

Why? Proposition D would make Strong Mayor the permanent form of governance in San Diego. Unfortunately, it goes much further than that. Prop. D would also increase the size and cost of city government by requiring the creation of an additional council district and all that goes with it: additional office space, staff, salaries, pensions, benefits and a ninth council member.

We’re asking you to ask yourself: Does it make sense to expand San Diego city government when the city is flat broke — when road repairs, street maintenance, libraries, parks, lifeguards, police, firefighters and too many other neighborhood services are on the chopping block? Is this the time to create bigger and more expensive government?

To help you make an informed choice, we encourage you to go to the league website, www.lwv You’ll find an eye-opening report on the underside of our five-year experience with a Strong Mayor form of government, as well as background information on Prop. D.

You’ll also get a startling look at the who’s who of financial supporters of Prop. D — Strong Mayor. After reading it, I think you’ll agree with the League of Women Voters that our city can’t afford Prop. D — not financially, and not if you value the standards of good government espoused by the league.

The League of Women Voters doesn’t have access to the hundreds of thousands of dollars accumulated by the special-interest supporters of Prop. D to get the word out. Instead, we’re counting on neighbors telling neighbors, friends e-mailing friends, and everyone else willing to stand up for good government in San Diego to vote “no” on Prop. D.