Leaders can learn from surfers

There are no armies or police officers to enforce even basic courtesy amongst surfing’s international community, yet most surfers willingly comply. Surfing has no official laws, rules or regulations, but what it does have is a strict code of conduct and higher standard of ethics.

Perhaps mankind would be better served if our world leaders fought less and surfed more. At the very least, they could look at how the majority of surfers behave and learn a tip or two about getting along together.

Surfing is an individual experience everyone shares. Each world leader would have broader understanding and appreciation of life. Being surfers, they would focus less on fighting each other and more on fighting for a cleaner environment.

Talk about a humbling and equalizing experience. The ocean does not care how big or powerful a country is or how important its world leader is. The ocean treats everyone equally.

Maybe the president would catch good waves and surf them successfully for long, exciting rides. Just like any surfer, he would come in happy, feeling relaxed and full of life and good will toward fellow men.

Hopefully, one day all world leaders will surf.

A wise, young surfer once said, “Every time I touch the ocean water, I feel connected to the whole wide world.” The ocean is wide-open territory and does indeed connect the whole wide world.

Sea birds fly anywhere their little hearts desire. Whales, sharks and other wild sea creatures may migrate thousands of miles. Without world leaders, all our wild creatures are free to come and go as they please. Maybe if our world leaders could get along, mankind could also.