Laughter lights up lounge on Stand Up Sundays

To chase away the Sunday Night Blues, Prospect Bar & Lounge has added Stand Up Sundays to its evening fare.

Produced by The Laughing Stock Group, under the direction of Greg Jones, the comedians involved hope to keep the crowd coming back for more. They have been staging their shows, on and off, since November.

The next show starts at 8 p.m. April 11. It will feature Do Boy (Anthony Belcher), “a young, talented comic, who also produces music and incorporates it into his act,” and headliner Tiffany Haddish, who had a role in the spoof “Meet the Spartans.”

The Light interviewed Jones about his group.

How do these shows come about?

I started producing comedy shows in college (1996-2000); then I took an eight-year break from the industry. I was going through a very difficult stretch, went to a comedy show in LA, laughed until it hurt, and felt revitalized. I wondered if anyone else needed laugh therapy the way I did and in what way could I use comedy to help others. I made a bunch of phone calls to comics and venues, got told “no” a thousand times until we finally got started in June 2008.

What do you offer patrons?

We present comedians in their most relaxed environment, meaning, when the comics travel in for our shows, they aren’t worried about what talent agency or studio is in the audience, their objective is to make us laugh. I keep the shows diverse (ethnicity, gender, age) but edgy and as funny as possible.

What is your hope for the gig going forward?

My ultimate goal in comedy is two-fold. I started a project called The Comedy for a Cause Initiative in 2009 that has already put on comedy show benefits for a homeless shelter in San Diego, earthquake victims in Haiti, and taken comedians to talk to students in San Diego elementary schools.

I want to continue and expand this initiative to performing for at-risk youth, homeless shelters, and other groups that could use the positivity of laughter.

Secondly, I want to produce and coordinate the first International Comedy Festival (sort of a Comic-Con for comedians and comedy fans) where we can have writing, stand up, and comedic acting panels and workshops, screen new comedy films, and put on showcases for young comics. I see this gap between the established comedians, the young aspiring comedians, and true fans that this type of event will close.

Got any summer plans?

I will continue to build the Stand Up Sundays Show and develop a new touring show, “The United Nations of Comedy,” that showcases comedians from differing ethnic backgrounds. We have already had this show at The Lyceum in September 2009, and at the Belly Up Tavern on March 24. Also looking to have an outdoor comedy festival; it’s challenging so far ... but nothing’s impossible.

If you go

The Prospect Bar & Lounge, owned by Cesar Vallin, is at 1025 Prospect Street in La Jolla, between Ocean Lane and Girard Avenue. There is a $10 cover charge for Stand Up Sundays. (858) 454-8092.