Latest deaths linked to H1N1 were older adults

The deaths of five more people in San Diego County have been linked to the swine flu outbreak, health officials announced Wednesday.

The latest victims were a 62-year-old woman and 64-, 56-, 62- and 55-year-old men, according to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency.

The 64- and 62-year-old men had no known underlying medical conditions, according to the HHSA, but the other three did.

All five tested positive for H1N1, but the virus might not be the cause of death, the HHSA reported.

So far, there have been 57 deaths in San Diego County linked to the H1N1 influenza, according to the HHSA. Fifty of the victims were from San Diego County and seven were visiting the area.

Locally, 754 people have been hospitalized with the virus, according to the HHSA.