La Vita Pharmacy for personalized medicine at its best; serving La Jolla and San Diego County


By Marti Gacioch

Whether it’s an infant requiring a modified dose or a patient with gluten intolerance, La Vita Pharmacy is ready to serve their personalized medicine needs.

Christine Givant, R.Ph., and Debra Hubers co-founded La Vita Pharmacy in 2007. The mission of their 99.9-percent compounding pharmacy is to help people live better, longer. Safety and quality are their top objectives.

“We work with doctors and patients to specifically compound medications based on a patient’s individual needs,” Hubers said. “Doctors trust us because we’re accredited, and fewer than 1 percent of the pharmacies in the United States are; we’re proud to have an accredited, sterile clean room.

“The old pharmaceutical industry used to do mostly all compounding where there was a triad of care with the doctor, pharmacist and patient working hand-in-hand to find a specific solution.”

La Vita Pharmacy follows their lead by working with Scripps Hospital, Scripps Hospice and Pacific Pearl (Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc.), as well as individual doctors with patients going through menopause and andropause. La Vita also compounds prescription vitamin therapies for naturopathic physicians and serves as the medicinary for Washington’s Bastyr Naturopathic Medical University by filling many of their homeopathic, supplement and vitamin orders.

“We do a wide range of professional strength vitamin and supplements, but we also work with a lot of doctors to provide custom vitamin therapy for their patients — whether it’s an injectable vitamin or one that takes the form of transdermal gels, capsules, syrups, shampoos, lozenges, lotions, creams and pain creams,” Hubers said.

“We want people in La Jolla who used Burns Pharmacy for their compounds before it closed to know that we provide the same personalized service for them,” Hubers said.

Givant attended Drake University Pharmacy School and has managed both large and small pharmacies. She has compounded for 15 years and is an expert in her field.

“We have complementary skill sets and started this company to focus on educating patients and supporting doctors,” Hubers said. “It’s really important to us that we empower patients to be the best consumers of healthcare that they can be and that they take responsibility for their health.”

SBA named La Vita Pharmacy the top Women-Owned Business of the year in California in 2012.

La Vita Pharmacy

is at 3978 Sorrento Valley Blvd., Suite 300, San Diego. (858) 453-2500.

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