La Jolla’s Lightner Urges Time Warner to air Padres games

La Jolla’s city council representative, President pro tem Sherri Lightner, said she plans to hold a hearing designed to encourage a deal between Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports San Diego, so that time Time Warner will begin airing Padres games in time for the upcoming season.

Currently, Fox Sports San Diego has reached agreements to air the games with four of the five major television providers in San Diego: Cox, DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse and Dish. The fifth major television provider, Time Warner Cable, which provides cable service to most of the communities that Lightner represents, has yet to agree to a deal.

With the April 5 opening day fast approaching, Lightner said it is time for the city to use its muscle to resolve the issue.

“The message from my constituents is loud and clear: They want to be able to watch their hometown baseball team on television,” Lightner said. “The City of San Diego needs to explore all its options to see how it can help deliver the Padres to the people.”

Lightner has requested that City Attorney Jan Goldsmith provide information at the upcoming hearing about what rights the city has through its franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable to compel it to negotiate an agreement. She will also ask representatives from Fox Sports San Diego and Time Warner Cable to attend the hearing to discuss current roadblocks for the deal, as well as representatives from the Mayor’s office to discuss their efforts on this issue.

“This impasse has gone on long enough

we are in extra innings at this point,” Lightner said. “We need to get everyone on the field and get a deal done.”

The hearing will be held as part of a special session of the Rules and Economic Development Committee meeting in the next few weeks.

—Staff reports