La Jolla’s Bird Rock Elementary sees SEEDS planted in beautification project

SEEDS Initiative Project


Stimulate minds, Enrich spirits, Engage community, Develop good citizenship through service for Student Success.


Create an attractive, stimulating environment that supports student achievement and well-being.


is a subcommittee of the Governance Team.

Bird Rock Events

Rock in Wonderland Online Auction:

April 14-21,

Rock & Rally:

6-8 p.m. April 19, upper field with movie night, food trucks, dancing, games and family fun

Rock in Wonderland Gala:

6-10 p.m. April 27 at the Madison Gallery in La Jolla

By Lorene LaCava

Teacher, SEEDS co-chair

Some 100 parents, students, staff (including many spouses) and members of Chase Bank’s new Bird Rock crew joined together for Bird Rock Elementary’s second annual All School Clean Up Day on Saturday, March 23.

Volunteers fanned out across the campus to weed, trim and rake. In addition, they loaded up wheelbarrows and applied shovels to move a palette of lava pot rock and five yards of dirt from the teacher parking lot to the front patio garden where, under the direction of Mike Shear, they arranged all in preparation for the installation of an Anniversary Garden.

On March 26, Jeff Moore from Solana Succulents arrived with a flatbed of district-approved plants to install. Chase Bank volunteers returned to assist fourth-graders (part of Anniversary Garden design teams while in third grade) to create the school’s new Underwater Reef.

This area will serve as an ever-changing spot for student art and science exploration. The Anniversary Garden was funded by the last of the BRCC Cookbook sales, and by the 2012 Rocky’s Walk for Charity.

Inspired by Bird Rock Foundation’s “Rock in Wonderland” gala theme, improvements are also being made to the Beaumont Alley entrance. Fourth-grade teacher Gabbi Darris was commissioned to paint a giant sunflower mural, which will be fronted by a row of whimsical birdhouses.

A new succulent Tea Party Garden is also being installed. On March 29, staff and Chase Bank volunteers were on hand to assist with the first steps in that effort. The mural and Tea Party Garden were funded by the January E-waste event, made possible by parent Carlos Kelvin, owner of Cali Resources in Otay. Work will continue with the goal of completing both gardens by the May 23 Open House.

The Underwater Reef will include a pelican sculpture by artist and former Bird Rock student Ryder McKay, funded by Roni Lincoln and dedicated to last year’s volunteers.