La Jolla’s bid for Google network has some long odds


Adam Harris and more than 194,000 others had responded by Friday’s deadline for initial applications to be part of Google’s “Fiber for Communities” initiative.

Harris, laughing as he noted how many communities La Jolla will be up against in its effort to get the company to install a super high-speed network in the community, said, “Our odds are kind of limited.”

But he noted that the buzz created by Google’s plan to reach communities with makes him wonder if there’s an ability to accomplish the goal locally.

Google’s “official blog” early Friday evening noted that they had received “more than 1,100 community responses ... and more than 194,000 responses from individuals.” It noted that they’d seen “cities rename themselves, great YouTube videos, public rallies and hundreds of grassroots Facebook groups come to life.”

In the coming months, Google say it will narrow down the choices, announcing communities by the end of the year.