La Jollans are buying up lean, mean, keen protein


By Ashley Mackin

Keen-Wah Decadence is a new protein bar available in La Jolla, which is made with certified organic, gluten-free

ingredients. Introduced about a year ago (three more flavors will be released this summer) Keen-Wah bars are made with complete quinoa protein.

Founder Dan Cooke said the bars are doing well in the Village — a good reflection of consumers’ increased awareness of specialty food products.

“More and more people are interested in the ingredients list,” Cooke said. “When we made these bars, we went after quality and ingredient- by-ingredient, (they are) of the highest integrity. There is just too much stuff, even in bars that are marketed as ‘healthy’ that are overly processed, and when you have those overly processed ingredients, your body doesn’t know what to do.”

Quinoa protein provides sustained energy and good flavor, Cooke said, making it ideal for breakfast, before running errands or exercising.