La Jollan takes 1st place in Jeopardy Kid’s Week

By Gina McGalliard

La Jolla’s very own Elijah Granet was seen on national television on Jeopardy the week of Oct. 8 when they had their “Kid’s Week,” featuring contestants from ages 10 to 12.

Elijah, who is a student at La Jolla Country Day, beat out approximately 10,000 other potential contestants nationwide to become one of 15 children who appeared on the show. After taking an online test, Elijah was called back for interviews and a mock game audition, after which he was chosen as a contestant. San Diego was the only city who had two children chosen to appear, the other of whom is Bethlehem Lema.

In order to prepare for his appearance on the show, Elijah boned up on primarily social science material, noting that the show would be more likely to hone in on these subjects. “I got a lot of history books and took Ken Jennings’ advice. History and current events are the main things they usually ask you about,” he said. “I looked at every atlas I could.” He also said that there may be questions asked on English and literature, but not as likely.

Before the competition, Elijah was allowed to meet the other contestants, but they did not know who they would be competing against when showtime came. The children were limited to competing in only one show in order not to stress them out. “I met all the other contestants, and there was also an alternate there,” he said. Right before he and the other contestants were about to go on, he said they were having an argument about whether or not Harry Potter dies at the end of the series.

“It was overwhelming,” Elijah said of the actual experience of being on Jeopardy, which is seen by 12 million people nationwide. “I was really nervous.” He said that while one part of him was feeling “so nervous because he was on national television,” another part of his brain was thinking of the answers to the questions asked on the show. He also said his dad was almost as nervous as he was the night before the show, which was aired Oct. 12. In spite of his nerves, Elijah took first place in the competition.

Elijah wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. “I just love medicine and animals,” he said. In his spare time he likes to listen to music on his iPod and play roller hockey and kick around a soccer ball outside. Although he enjoys all subjects in school, his favorites are history and math.

He also wants to follow in his father’s footsteps to Yale.

In order to see a video interview with Elijah and all the other contestants, visit www.