La Jollan forms patent law group


John W. Olivo, Jr., has formed the Olivo Law Group, P.C. and Olivo Patent Group, LLC, focusing on enforcing intellectual property claims.

John (“Jack”) W. Olivo, Jr. was a founding partner of the intellectual property law firm of Ward & Olivo, which had offices in New York City, Summit, New Jersey, Marshall, Texas, Dallas, Texas and Hartford, Connecticut. The firm strategically dissolved in 2011. Olivo is known for his expertise in the fields of telecommunications and software.

The firm also represented every major airline, numerous banking, retail and scientific companies, defending all on a traditional hourly fee basis and also focused on enforcing patents on a contingent fee basis.

Going forward, Olivo’s firm will focus on enforcing intellectual property claims on a contingent fee basis. He and the Olivo Law Group have partnered with the Birmingham, Ala.-based law firm of Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC.

Jack and his family reside in La Jolla.