La Jolla welcomes public mural No. 7

By Ashley Mackin

The newest in the Murals of La Jolla collection, “House,” by Robert Ginder, is up to view on the right side of the Salazar Gallery at 1162 Prospect St. The seventh in the series, the mural was unveiled on Oct. 22.

“We wanted to enhance La Jolla, and one of the ways to enhance La Jolla is through art,” said Matthew Browar of the La Jolla Community Foundation, which orchestrates mural installation. The murals are not painted on the walls, but on large sheets and placed on a frame.

Browar said the original plan was to install statues around La Jolla, but murals seemed more practical. “Murals are on private buildings, we can get [the building owner’s] approval, they’re [on display] on a temporary basis and we got a big thumbs up from everybody on that.”

Browar said the goal is to have 16 murals up by the middle of next year. At that point, the big picture is to rotate them to different locations. The next three murals will be installed on the garage at George’s at The Cove, and at locations on Fay Avenue and La Jolla Boulevard, by the end of the year.

The La Jolla Community Foundation, and the seven-member Art Advisory Committee therein, under the umbrella of the San Diego Foundation, decides which artists to work with and has been involved with the local art committee for several years.

Robert Ginder, the artist behind “House,” has had several showings at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla and at Quint Gallery. The mural is a reproduction of his painting, “4540, 38 In Back,” which was painted using oil and 22-karat gold on a wood canvas.

The space currently occupied by the Salazar Gallery will soon become home to the new La Jolla Information Center and the La Jolla Village Merchant’s Association. The Merchant’s Association approved the mural.

Newly elected board member Krista Baroudi said the association is delighted with the new art.

“I had been speaking with Matt [Browar] for a number of months ... about the mural project and we were very excited to get involved, so I think it’s just a bonus for the La Jolla Information Center to have such a beautiful piece of art on the building,” she said.

Browar added, “I think it’s a great project and the community enjoys what we’re doing and it’s fun, it’s art. You don’t have to go to a museum anymore, you can see top-notch international art by just walking through La Jolla.”

Murals of La Jolla as of October 2012

■ 1. Kim MacConnel, ‘Girl from Ipanema,’ Lapiz Building on Drury Lane between Silverado and Kline Street

■ 2. Roy McMakin, ‘Favorite Color,’ 7596 Eads Ave.

■ 3. Anya Gallaccio, ‘Surf’s Up,’ 7540-7542 Fay Ave.

■ 4. John Baldessari, ‘Brain/Cloud (with Seascape and Palm Tree),’ 1250 Prospect St.

■ 5. Ryan McGinness, ‘53 Women,’ 1111 Prospect St. (on the back wall facing the parking lot — view from Herschel Avenue)

■ 6. Ann Hamilton, ‘at sea,’ 7900 Herschel Ave. (side of Citibank)

■ 7. Robert Ginder, ‘House,’ 1162 Prospect St.