La Jolla Traffic and Transportation Board approves short-term parking additions


By Ashley Mackin

Do you know your curb colors?

On Jan. 24, the La Jolla Traffic and Transportation board held a meeting to discuss moving and adding painted curbs around La Jolla. Here are the rules for what curb colors designate what parking zones according to the City of San Diego.


Short-Term Time- Limit Parking Zones Parking is limited to the time period stenciled on the curb or posted on a sign. In most cases, the time limit is either 15 or 30 minutes. Short-term time limit parking zones are in effect 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sundays and City holidays excepted, unless otherwise posted.

• Ticket + Fees: $52.50


No Parking/No Stopping Zones A red curb means, “no stopping any time.” When signs are used in place of a red curb, the prohibition is in effect on the days and times specified on the sign. If any part of your vehicle extends into a red zone, you may be ticketed.

• Ticket + Fees: $77.50


Passenger Loading Zones Vehicles are allowed to stop for the purpose of loading or unloading passengers. The time limit is three minutes, or 10 minutes in front of a hotel. Passenger loading zones are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless otherwise posted.

• Ticket + Fees: $52.50


Commercial Loading Zones Trucks and commercial vehicles are permitted to stop for 20 minutes to load or unload goods. Passenger vehicles may also stop for three minutes to load or unload passengers. Commercial loading zones are in effect between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays and City holidays excepted, unless otherwise posted.

• Ticket + Fees: $57.50


Disabled Persons Parking Zones Vehicles displaying a ‘handicapped’ placard or license plate issued by the Department of Motorized Vehicles may park in this zone. With the designation, you can also park at green curbs or time-limit zones with no time limit and at metered parking spaces for free. Parking in the blue crosshatch area designated for wheelchair lifts is prohibited.

• Ticket + Fees: $452.50

Traffic and Transportation Board approves short-term parking additions

The La Jolla Traffic and Transportation (T&T) Board met on Jan. 24 to discuss proposals for some parking spots, a change of use for an office building, and potential amendments to the Land Development Code.■

Four proposals

came before the board regarding curb painting and a change in parking time restrictions. The board unanimously approved two of these proposals.

The first was to remove the 15-minute designation on two of the four parking spaces in front of the Visitor Center at 7966 Herschel Ave., and “move them” to the new La Jolla Village Information Center at 1162 Prospect St. The two spaces on Herschel Avenue closest to Prospect Street will keep their 15-minute limitations.

The parallel parking spaces on Herschel will be converted to diagonal parking spaces and two 15-minute diagonal parking spaces will be created in front of the Prospect Street Information Center.

The second parking change proposal approved was for posting signs limiting all of Glenbrook Place and Glenbrook Lane to two-hour parking.

Approximately 85 percent of residents signed a petition in support, and no one came forward in opposition. The change is designed to deter student parking and crime in that area.

T&T Board Chair Todd Lesser said an added benefit of restrictive parking may be increased policing of those streets.

The board unanimously denied two other parking proposals. The first came from the Maserati dealership at 7747 Girard Ave., which proposed painting the curb between the corner and the alley on Pearl Street yellow, to designate it as a commercial loading zone to make it easier for Maserati to unload vehicles.

Lesser reported that some nearby merchants were opposed to the placement of the yellow zone, though none were present to speak.

The second rejected proposal was to designate the space in front of GW Eyes Associates at 7841 Fay a 15-minute parking space. Members of the board said there is a 15-minute zone on the same block. No one from GW Eye Associates was present at the meeting.

■ The board heard a proposal from the

Icon Hotel Group

to buy and convert the building at 1020 Prospect St., which currently houses an office building and gallery, to a 54-room hotel and restaurant.

Janay Kruger, representing the interested buyer, said there are currently 89 parking spaces in the underground parking lot. The requirement for a hotel would be one space per room, but the restaurant proposed for the ground floor would have to be considered. Lesser said the requirement of one parking space per room takes hotel and restaurant employees into account.

Kruger said the new use would minimize peak hour traffic because people come and go from a hotel at all hours, as opposed to coming in at 9 a.m. and leaving at 5 p.m. daily.

Audience and board members raised several issues that were deemed inappropriate for T & Board consideration, such as whether the Planned District Ordinance (PDO) permits another hotel and land-use issues. Lesser reminded those in attendance that the only proposed elements they could examine would be potential traffic and transportation issues.

A motion was made to table the issue until after the PDO committee approves the hotel project and requires T&T Board review. The motion passed 5-1.

■ Also tabled (unanimously) was a request to review proposed amendments to the

Land Development Code


Board member Orrin Gabsch said, “If we are being asked to opine on this, I would really like someone, possibly from the city to come to us and ... thoroughly tell us what the change (would be).”

■ The

T&T Board meets

at 4 p.m. the fourth Thursday of the month at the La Jolla Recreation Center, 615 Prospect St. For more infor- mation, visit

One-Hour and Two-Hour Time Limit Parking Zones

Time limit parking zones are designated by signs. These zones are in effect 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except for Sundays and these city holidays:

■ New Year’s Day: Jan. 1

■ Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Third Monday of January

■ President’s Day: Third Monday of February

■ Cesar Chavez Day: March 31, or nearest Monday or Friday

■ Memorial Day: Last Monday of May

■ Independence Day: July 4

■ Labor Day: First Monday of September

■ Veterans’ Day: Nov. 11

■ Thanksgiving Day: Fourth Thursday of November

■ Christmas Day: Dec. 25