La Jolla Town Council’s work list is a long one


As the new president of the La Jolla Town Council, I see a year of opportunity and challenge facing our lovely Village. Recent activities that have addressed the unpopular paid parking issues now perk up with the newly completed “Rainbow Curb” activity, which identifies an opportunity for approximately 60 new parking places in downtown La Jolla.

We have had an excellent presentation by San Diego police to better understand the “homeless person” issue and are working with Councilwoman Sherri Lightner to identify priorities for a hopeful implementation on improving the traffic, pedestrian safety and beautification issues for the “Torrey Pines Road Corridor.”

An excellent study has been completed, which has been approved by the City Council, but as is the issue with just about any initiative, funding for the project raises its ever-present ugly head. A recent forum hosted by Councilwoman Lightner identifies the need for prioritization of some 20 elements of the study as the cost of the entire effort would most probably preclude a complete funding approval.

Personally, this presidency culminates my five years on the Town Council with membership on the Traffic and Transportation and Coastal Development Permit Committees. Having been a homeowner in Bird Rock since 1970 and resident for 3 1/2 years in the ‘70s and permanently since 1998, we have seen many changes and significant growth in the community. However, the charm, weather, oceanfront location and plethora of social, dining, recreation, intellectual, military and veterans’ activities still remain as before. Our initial residency here resulted from an Air Force assignment to San Diego State College for graduate study and filled a longtime desire to reside in La Jolla. Our family is now totally in California with our son and daughter and their families living in the Central Coast and Bay areas. As the saying goes: “Life is good!”

Earl Van Inwegen is the new president of the La Jolla Town Council.