La Jolla Town Council prepares for new board


By Ashley Mackin

At the March 13 La Jolla Town Council meeting, trustees and attendees were updated on the council’s financial situation, the La Jolla Dancing with the Stars fundraiser profit-and-loss statement was filed, and the group also learned the election results for the 2014-2015 board, as well as news about upcoming community events.

The Town Council held its election for new trustees in February. Per its bylaws, Treasurer Yolanda De Riquer counted the ballots for the election prior to the March meeting and Secretary Charles Hartford affirmed them at the meeting before announcing the winners, though the vote numbers were not revealed at the meeting. Hartford said these five candidates were elected: Cindy Greatrex, Peter Wulff, Charles Schevker, Maureen Murphy and Cathy Jones.

During the April meeting, trustees will participate in the officers’ election. Each officer serves a one-year term beginning in May, with the option to run for a second term. Outgoing president Greatrex presented the slate – a suggested list of candidates – for officer positions that are voted on at the April meeting by closed ballot, though any trustee may announce an intent to run for a position at the meeting and do so as a write-in. The slate is: Hartford for secretary, Ron Jones for treasurer, De Riquer for second vice president, Glenda Rothberg first vice president and Steve Haskins for president.

“I would like to mention that this is a historical moment in the 64 years of the La Jolla Town Council and, any other board I have worked on,” Greatrex said. “Years ago, we had a wonderful president named Dean Haskins esq. who is Steve Haskins’ father. So this would be our first father-son combo in the history of this council.”

Link to the Mayor

Frances Barrazza, District 1 liaison to San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, introduced herself at the meeting and said she will attend periodically to gather feedback for the mayor’s office. Barrazza is also the Director of Appointments to city boards and commissions, and said if anyone wishes to sit on a city board, to contact her at

“We need all the help we can get to make sure we have a well-represented community and that all of our boards reflect what the city looks like as a whole,” she said.

Upcoming Events

■ Trustee and Coastal Access & Parking Board Member Gardener announced there will be a community presentation, 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 1 at the La Jolla Rec Center, about an electric car project hoping to come to La Jolla.

■ Kiwanis Club of La Jolla member Henry Chiu announced the La Jolla Half Marathon – the club’s largest fundraiser with proceeds to schools and charities – will be Sunday, April 27. Starting at 7:30 a.m. that day, the southbound side of Torrey Pines Road will be closed to vehicular traffic.

■ Council President Greatrex announced there will be a community carnival at the end of August in Scripps Park.

Though in the planning phase with details and permits pending, the carnival will be free (with game and food tickets for purchase) because underwriting was arranged.

— La Jolla Town Council next meets 5 p.m. April 10 at the La Jolla Rec Center, 615 Prospect St. More at