La Jolla Town Council is an ageless entity — almost


The La Jolla Town Council has been in being over 50 years as a focal point for Village activities. Since the beginning, the Village of La Jolla and the city of San Diego have continued to grow and develop as more people and businesses recognized our beauty, weather and quality of life.

As this growth has continued, the bureaucracy in the form of councils, committees, forums, panels, boards, etc., has grown, commensurate with the growth in population. The La Jolla Town Council has remained an entity for all those years and has attempted to continue to provide a focus for Village activities, events and provide a forum and a voice for La Jolla.

Consequently, the Town Council has had to adjust to maintain its role as the “eyes and ears” of the Village. We have had to expand our reach into not only the growing population, but also the various bureaucratic entities that have evolved over the years.

Consequently, the Town Council through its trustees has representatives on a variety of these activities. We have representatives on the joint committees: Development Permit Review, Planned District Ordinance, Streetscape, Traffic and Transportation, Planned District Ordinance and Coastal Access & Parking. Through these activities, we have interfaces with Promote La Jolla, Bird Rock Community Council, the Shores Association and meet monthly with Councilwoman Sherri Lightner.

True, we are still a part of the city of San Diego, but through these activities and their interfaces with the city and its myriad of boards, departments and committees, we can represent the interests of the Village of La Jolla, its residents and hopefully influence the city to meet our legitimate needs. This process can be enhanced by Village residents attending the local meetings and raising their concerns, which can then be moved up the “chain of command” to a mutually acceptable resolution.

While the current budgetary issues strongly influence city activities, in some cases “work-arounds” can be mutually agreed to, which can mitigate many concerns. The key, as always, is participation of the public where most concerns are generated — unknown issues cannot be acted upon. If they cannot be resolved, in most cases there is a valid reason and at least an understanding of the pros and cons may in some cases be the only satisfaction that can be derived from the situation.

Earl Van Inwegen is president of the La Jolla Town Council.