La Jolla Town Council elects trustees, divvies up dancing fundraiser profit

By Pat Sherman

During its Dec. 12 meeting, La Jolla Town Council (LJTC) trustees elected five new board members, including Natasha Alexander, Courtney Hibbard, Ashley Mahmoudian, Alberto Ramirez and Richard Ticho.

The new trustees, who begin two-year terms next month, fill vacancies left by departed trustees Deborah Arnau, Corrine Fleming, Egon Kafka, Sonia Marie Olivas and Greg Phillips.

LJTC President Cindy Greatrex also announced that the LJTC’s Oct. 5 La Jolla Dancing with the Stars event at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines raised about $6,000 for its four chosen beneficiaries (after Las Patronas was paid for its organizational assistance).

Event Chair Nancy Gardner, who was not in attendance, reported the event’s proceeds to the LJTC’s executive committee.

During the meeting, trustees filled out ballots stating how much they felt each beneficiary should receive. When ballots were tallied, it was announced that the La Jolla Town Council would receive 60 percent of proceeds, while 20 percent would go to the La Jolla Christmas Parade. The La Jolla Community Center, and Warriors and Quiet Waters will each receive 10 percent.

“I think, considering that this is the first year of the event, any surplus is admirable,” Greatrex said.


• Children’s Pool walk update:

During a recap of the Children’s Pool Walk beautification project planned for Coast Boulevard (above Children’s Pool/Casa Beach), lead organizer Phyllis Minick recounted the project’s recent $200,000 donation by La Jollan Tom Morgan, as well as various contributions that made up the additional $50,000 initially required for the project.

However, costs — first estimated to be $250,000 — are now $53,000 (or 20 percent) more, Minick said. “Surprisingly, in that same week, we got a letter from the San Diego Department of Park and Recreation, and they have designated, they say, $70,000 for repairing the Children’s Pool walk.”

However, the allocation is pending approval by the San Diego City Council, Minick said. “We don’t really know what will happen there, but if that should come to us that would make up the difference,” she said.

Minick said some of the 25 grant proposals she has submitted for funding in the past three years are still outstanding. If the city council does not approve the $70,000 allocation, Minick said she is hopeful that one or more of her grant proposals will generate the difference.

• Guest speaker:

Diane Salisbury, executive director of the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, offered a presentation on her organization, formed in the Village in 1954.

In its 59th season, the organization is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its choral director, David Chase.

The symphony, which has been affiliated with the University of California San Diego since 1967, performs its six-concert season at Mandeville Auditorium, which began in November.

Its all-volunteer orchestra includes more than 200 musicians.

“Many of them have advanced degrees (in music) but in their day jobs, some of them are oceanographers, physicists, doctors, lawyers, homemakers, butchers — just about everything,” Salisbury said. “It’s a wonderful group. They play for the love of it.”

Each concert is performed twice — Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

“Part of our mission is affordable pricing,” Salisbury said. “The best seat in the house is just $29.”

The organization opens 7 p.m. Friday night rehearsals to the public for free. “We usually get 80 to 100 people to show up for that,” Salisbury said. “It’s like being on the inside of a creative experience.”

• Planning group seeks volunteers:

It was also noted that the La Jolla Community Planning Association is seeking new members for its organization, which advises the City of San Diego on development and land use issues in La Jolla.

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