La Jolla Town Council elections near

By Rick Wildman

La Jolla Town Council President

A few years ago some people in this town identified me as a community leader. My take has always been that the best qualification for leadership is for a person to have enough common sense to be able to appreciate what thoughtful and reflective people want and (often through trial and error) to try, in all candor, to reflect the

common pulse with good reason and good cheer.

Time has shown that Roger Revelle had a very good idea when he signed the Articles of Incorporation of the La Jolla Town Council back in 1950. According to legend, Revelle had several other good ideas over the years. Before him, Ellen Browning Scripps also had some very good ideas. A good idea that was articulated by local actor Gregory Peck in the movie, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” was that if you wanted to understand someone “you just needed to get inside their skin and walk around in it for a while.”

I have to admit that any past identification of me as a community leader might have been a case of mistaken identity. Still, perhaps the next best thing to an original idea is an ability to appreciate someone else’s good idea and to learn from the example. My best idea was to choose to live in La Jolla. This clever idea was rewarded by the gift of so many precious friendships here.

As my years of presidential glory draw to a close, I relish the chance to see how our new Town Council leadership will continue to welcome everyone in our community to show, through good works, their collective appreciation for our unique circumstances.

This process will surely continue to reveal, in exemplary fashion, the best of everything that makes La Jolla so unique in all the world.

I trust that each reader will take some of their precious life’s time to join the fine people who continually put aside personal considerations to actively join our community organizations, and who, by so doing, demonstrate their love of both this special place and of the accomplished people who will always be our friends and mentors.