La Jolla tennis team set sights on postseason

Sometimes losing is the best remedy for a team, especially one that had not known that feeling all season long.

For the La Jolla High boys tennis team, that feeling came Friday night as the team lost its first team match of the season, a heart breaker to Cathedral Catholic. The loss for the team’s first-year head coach proved to be a boon as they rebounded Monday night against rival La Jolla Country Day.

“That loss to Cathedral was exactly what we needed,” head coach Matt Previdi said. “Some of the guys were walking around high and mighty (and saying), ‘We’re unbeatable, this is great, we’re undefeated ... ' The bottom line, all season long we said, ‘Going undefeated is forgettable, no one remembers it, it means nothing ... ‘

“Now we’re hungry to get to the CIF tournament. It’s good, I think it’s going to be a good thing in the long run.”

CIF team championship play begins Monday, with individual play beginning May 24.

The team has a slew of top-notch players this season, which includes Michael Rabinovich, Jacob Karnop, and a standout doubles team of Chris Langbog and John Low, who were instrumental in the team’s win over the Torreys.

“They were on fire ... they played outta their minds,” Previdi said after the match.

With such a successful season, the future is full of opportunities for this team, especially since they have the recent thought of losing fresh on their minds.

“I think that we are not infallible ... all along our No. 1 goal was to improve,” Previdi said. “I think if this team plays to its potential, nobody is going to beat us and hopefully that is going to lead to a CIF championship.”