La Jolla swimmer named to marathon hall of fame

La Jolla’s Anne Cleveland was inducted by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame into its Class of 2010, recognition of her long career as a marathon swimmer and ambassador, according to a report from hall of fame’s website,


At 43, Cleveland had to drop out of her her first channel swim attempt at the age of 43 in the Catalina Channel, but later completed swims across the English Channel and Catalina Channel.

The website reported “Anne has crossed the Maui Channel (4:09 in 2000 and 5:22 in 2001), the Catalina Channel Normal (10:15 in 2001), the English Channel (12:32 in 2002, a two-way in 28:36 in 2004 and 11:33 in 2007) and the Pacific Swim 10K in Fiji (2:41 in 2008). She became the oldest person, at the age of 48, to make a two-way crossing of the English Channel for which she received the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation Award for the Most Meritorious Swim by a Woman. She has also participated in a two-way Catalina Channel relay (2000), a one-way Catalina Channel relay (2003), a 52°F (11°C) relay swim in the Haro Straits in Canada, and relay swims in San Diego. “

“I’m truly honored to be in such good company,” she said in an interview with the Light about the elite group of about 200 swimmers who’ve been inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame since 1961.

“They like to see a good 10-year history and giving back in the sport — coaching, volunteering, not only just performing.”

Cleveland is now coaching and mentoring young swimmers at La Jolla High School.

Asked if she’s hoping to train a future marathon swimming hall of famer, she replied, “Already doing it, and loving every minute of it. I just need to stay in good enough shape to keep up with them.”

Cleveland, who started long-distance swimming in her 40s, said, “I’m still fresh and still swimming with the high school team and with my former (long distance)

training partners in the Cove.”

Between yoga practice and her swimming, Cleveland concluded, “Life is good.”