La Jolla student wins prize for Science Festival mascot


Colin Weber, a 17-year-old La Jolla High School student, won the grand prize in the San Diego Science Festival’s mascot contest for his globe-like creature wearing a lab coat. On Friday, while he was in Martin Teachworth’s class, he got a surprise visit from the Science Festival staff and the Padres’ ‘Swinging Friar” who gave him a $1,000 prize check. Joining the fun were Colin’s parents, Maureen and Dean Weber.

His concept was chosen as the grand prize winner from more than 300 entries. The committee that chose Colin’s drawing saw the bigger concept behind the idea, a spokeswoman for the festival wrote in an e-mail.

“Specifically, the concept was chosen for three distinct characteristics, the e-mail noted:

— The earth concept: This brings elements of sustainability, globalization, and a big picture look regarding the impact of science;

— Approachability: The design projected an innocence and light hearted feel;

— Widespread appeal – younger audiences can identify with the charm and ‘cuddly’ nature of the mascot while older audiences can identify with the larger concept of green living and uniting the world through science.”

Local illustrator and graphic designer Jade Throgmorton from Burning Eye Studio created the redesigned concept for the mascot. Inspired by Colin’s original drawing, He wanted to capture the lighthearted nature of the character while meeting the request of the SDSF team and advisory board members to add elements showing the spirit of San Diego. This San Diego spirit is found in the surfboard, sunglasses and flip flops.

The festival, which runs March 20-27, includes Expo Day at Petco Park on March 27. The Padres are a partner of the event and will host the March 27, 2010 San Diego Science Festival Expo Day at PETCO Park. To learn more about the San Diego Science Festival go to