La Jolla Stage company serves up dinner and a show

Dinner theater has been extinct in town for years. But Merle Lotherington, president of the Board of Directors for La Jolla Stage Company, was determined to bring back the dinner theater experience - at least on an occasional basis. That’s why Lotherington arranged to have a sit-down dinner served prior to the opening night performance of “Woody Guthrie’s American Song.”

“Tonight is just a gala to introduce dinner theater to audiences of the La Jolla Stage Company,” she explained. “It will continue on opening night only, but this is the only theater in La Jolla that does it.”

Supporters in attendance for that exciting first-time event at the Torrey Pines Christian Church in La Jolla were delighted with the dinner and the performance that followed. Among the local crowd enjoying the evening were Deborah Gortler, Charlotte Perry, Cristull Hasson, Jean and Paul Moroney, Dave and Dottie Stanley, Jessica Von Buelow, Olivia Rotert, Milt and Carolyn Lohr, Mary Johnson, Betty Heilig and Joseph Vilella, Marcie and Nancy Frank, Moyra Woodward, RoseMary Taylor, Louarn Fleet, Jeannette Rizzo and Sherarn Wuerfel.