La Jolla shows off

Outdoor sporting events in January often look like the snow-bowl that played out last Sunday, in Green Bay, Wis. between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. As the snow continued to fall, yard lines were swept and plowed. Field and players were covered in a wintry shade of white.

But not all sporting events in January look like Green Bay’s Lambeau Field. The eyes of the nation’s golf fans will soon catch a glimpse of the beauty of La Jolla in January, at the Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course, when the Buick Invitational returns next week.

While much of the country contends with the storms of winter, La Jolla is awash in sunshine and warm days.

The Torrey Pines golf course has long hosted the annual Buick Invitational, one of only a handful of PGA events held on municipal golf courses. Its picturesque location amidst the ocean and the Torrey Pine trees makes for a vision of La Jolla at its finest. The Torrey Pines golf course will also be hosting the U.S. Open in June, and preparations for improving the course, the parking lot and the surroundings have been going on for months.

With two nationally televised golf tournaments in La Jolla within six months of one another, it is fair to say that La Jolla has joined the ranks of the country’s premier golf destinations.

As we look forward to another exciting Buick tournament here, in mild temperatures, our Chargers will travel back east to face the daunting New England storms … and the Patriots. Forecasts are for temperatures in the 20s. Go Chargers!