La Jolla Shores extra cleanup funded once again by residents: City budget shortfall won’t foul La Jolla Shores beauty


City crews are giving the beach at La Jolla Shores twice as much attention as other city beaches thanks in large part to a donation from a Shores homeowner.

City workers rake most beaches once a week, usually early in the morning on Monday or Tuesday at the Shores. A $10,000 fund-raising effort led by Jeff and Denni Jacobs means the beach at the Shores gets spruced up Saturday mornings, too.

The Jacobs were the major benefactors of a fund-raising drive last year that paid for the extra service from July to September. This year, residents contributed enough to start in June and extend through Thanksgiving.

City crews do the work on an overtime basis, using large tractors to rake the sand for trash and, if necessary, excess seaweed. Dennis Simmons, beach manager for San Diego Parks and Recreation, said the Saturday morning work is usually complete before 5:30 a.m. Crews cover the area from the Sea Lodge to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography pier.

“It’s first thing in the morning,” he said. “The amount of work depends on the conditions, whether there’s high surf and the amount of debris. When there’s higher surf or a big storm there tends to be more work to do.”

Mark Broido, a Shores homeowner who negotiated a memorandum of understanding with the city for the additional services, said it was important to get the beach clean in advance of busy weekends.

“It makes the beach nicer for everyone,” Broido said. “It keeps the beach clean and has the major benefit of widening the useful area of the beach, so it makes the area less crowded.”

Simmons said the high weeklong traffic at the Shores made the effect of the additional cleaning easily noticeable.

“I certainly see the difference,” he said. “It’s always very, very crowded there, and by Saturday, you can’t see a thing.”

Broido said the extra day of work helps the Shores put on its best face on weekends for tourists and locals alike.

“When people show up Saturday morning, it looks pretty nice,” he said.

Broido and city Parks and Recreation officials John Hudkins and Mike Behan negotiated the deal for the extra service.

“Part of the trick was making sure the city committed to a level of service and that our monies were adding to that service,” Broido said. “I wanted to make sure the parks would still be getting the same level of service and that the additional money for the beach would mean added service for the beach.”

Broido said enough money was raised to include a buffer in the funds to provide even more service, like an extra day of cleaning following a big storm.

“Jeff and Denni Jacobs led the effort again,” Broido said. “They were the major benefactors last year, too, and others contributed as well.”

Simmons praised the effort as one that was led by residents but will benefit everyone.

“This was something that the residents wanted, and they stepped up to make it happen,” Simmons said. “I think it’s a good thing.”