La Jolla Shores Association updated on Map lawsuit, donor wall and unregulated commercial activity


By Ashley Mackin

At the July 10 La Jolla Shores Association meeting, Mary Coakley-Munk updated the board about the Friends of La Jolla Shores (FLJS) lawsuit against contractor T.B. Penick (over the cracking of The Map at Kellogg Park) and offered a progress report about the planned donor wall there. Chair Tim Lucas also updated the board on the progress of the commercial activity committee.

■ The Map Coakley-Munk said that after FLJS announced its lawsuit at a June 20 press conference, the group is talking with contractor T.B. Penick to reach resolution outside of court.

As previously


in La Jolla Light, FLJS alleges T.B. Penick (the group hired to construct The Map) made claims about the durability and longevity of the laminating substance Lithocrete, which covers the map and keeps the decorative crushed glass underneath in place. But on two separate occasions during the past five years, the Lithocrete has cracked and come apart.

The Map is currently roped off and the city has labeled it a “safety hazard” until it can be repaired.

Coakley-Munk reported that T.B. Penick is “amenable” to working with FLJS in repairing and finding a suitable replacement to top The Map. FLJS have opted not to use Lithocrete as a sealant this time, and is looking into alternatives. If the parties are able to proceed amicably, T.B. Penick will remove the top layer and the bronze imbeds. The artist behind the flat bronze sculptures said they have likely become brittle, so T.B. Penick would also have to pay to replace any damaged ones.

“The good news is they are working with us; we do not want to have to go through with the lawsuit. I don’t think they do either,” Coakley- Munk said.

Once The Map is repaired, Coakley-Munk said FLJS plan to install a low-sitting wall, similar in height and appearance to the cobblestone wall at Children’s Pool. The wall would surround The Map with only one access point, in the hopes of keeping foot traffic and sand to a minimum to ease the need for maintenance.

The board voted 8-0-1 in support of installing the wall with regular updates in design and progress.

■ Donor Wall The FLJS Donor Wall at Kellogg Park (proposed as an Eagle Scout project by Kristoff Pawinski) is one step closer to being installed, Coakley-Munk said. The display includes metal fish and dolphins of various sizes, with the names of donors engraved on them.

The location where Pawinski — with the support of FLJS — wants to place the installation currently has a memorial plaque honoring Mario Saikhon there.

Coakley-Munk said she met with the Saikhon family, who gave permission for the plaque to be moved from the east side of the site to the west side. The west side was deemed more appropriate because there is already a bronze plaque and tiles there, which were painted by children to thank those who made donations to Kellogg Park playground improvements.

■ Commercial use of the park Chair Lucas updated the board about the progress of the Unregulated Commercial Activity Committee (UCAC), which is figuring out how to regulate activity, such as diving and yoga classes, in Kellogg Park.

One suggestion was to establish a wristband system, which surf shops could sell. Additionally, Lucas said if a ranger was stationed at the park — which the board has been pushing for — the ranger could sell and keep an eye out for the wristbands.

“We figure the diving community would be self-policing because if one group pays for the wristbands and has them and then sees another group or wildcat dive instructor teaching people at the park before getting in the water without wristbands, they would report them,” Lucas said.

— The La Jolla Sores Association will not meet in August, but will convene again at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 11 at the Martin-Johnson House of Scripps Institute of Oceanography, 8840 Biological Grade.