La Jolla Shores Association elects new board

By Ashley Mackin

The March 13 meeting of the La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) was one of transition. Four former board members termed out, the 2013 board was elected, and with the promotion of Omar Sinclair, a new Community Relations Officer introduced himself. This was all in addition to the reports from groups such as the Friends of La Jolla Shores.

Board members terming out

Chair Audrey Keane, Treasurer Ruth Padgett, Terry Winn-Kraszewski and Coco Tihanyi ended their terms of service and appreciation for their volunteer efforts was abundant.

Dolores Donovan said of Keane, “Audrey has worked very very hard (and) most of her work is behind the scenes and no one knows what she’s doing, but she’s constantly e-mailing, fixing the website, responding to questions, sending out little announcements about what’s happening at the Shores as it relates to our association. ... I would really like to extend my most sincere thanks to her and everything she has done for the last four years.”

The four outgoing members also received certificates of appreciation from District 1 Councilmember Sherri Lightner’s representative Erin Demorest. Lightner served on the LJSA board prior to her city council election. “We appreciate everything you’ve done,” Demorest said.

2013 Board of Directors

The following board members were elected to a two-year term: Mary Coakley- Munk, Dolores Donovan, Christian Maloécot, Christopher Lynch, Todd Lesser, Tim Lucas, Rahil Swigart and Izzy Tihanyi.

Matthew Edwards was elected to a one-year term. Continuing on the board until 2014 (when they would have to run again) are Sue Gellar, Brandon Price, John Kassar and Janie Emerson.

New Community Relations Officer

San Diego Police Northern Division Community Relations Officer (CRO) Omar Sinclair received a promotion within Northern Division, so the new CRO, Larry Hesselgesser, introduced himself at the meeting.

Hesselgesser has served the San Diego Police Department for 18 years, with most of that time in the Northern Division, working with community groups. Hesselgesser picked up the Neighborhood Watch torch Sinclair formerly carried.

“As long as you’ve got some neighbors who are willing to show up and get that Neighborhood Watch program going, we’re encouraging you to do that.”

Neighborhood Watch participants are the eyes and ears of the San Diego Police, he said. The best way to reach Hesselgesser is by e-mail: LHesselgesser@pd.

Friends of La Jolla Shores

Coakley-Munk said the Friends is close to receiving the necessary permit to install a new restroom at the north end of Kellogg Park and she is hopeful the remaining required funds will come in soon. She said construction should start in September or October.

There has also been discussion of installing showers with hot water, which Coakley- Munk was told would be “a tough fight,” due to the issues involved. For those still hoping for the hot-water showers, Coakley-Munk said, “It’s on the table, (but) I think you’ll have a hard time convincing Parks and Rec.”

Next meeting

LJSA officers will be appointed at the next meeting, 7 p.m. April 10, Martin-Johnson House, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, 8840 Biological Grade.