La Jolla runner in search of his Good Samaritan

By Karen Billing

Staff Writer

There’s a guardian angel living right here in La Jolla and that angel’s latest rescue would love to share his gratitude.

La Jolla resident James Huddleston was running Saturday morning when he apparently fell. The next thing he remembers, he was home.

It appears that some Good Samaritan had chauffeured him home, and Huddleston says he recalls not a face nor name.

He is interested in finding the person who helped him out that day. He gets emotional speaking about how lucky he was that this thoughtful person came along and did such a kind, unselfish act.

“It’s truly touched me,” said Huddleston. “I just want to say thank you and I hope I didn’t bleed on your car.”

Huddleston, an avid runner, runs a half marathon almost every Saturday from La Jolla to Pacific Beach. He had completed his 90-minute minute trek and was lightly jogging home in the Birdrock area.

Details by GPS

Thanks to the GPS watch Huddleston was wearing, he said he could tell later that he had fallen and walked in a bloodied and dazed state for about nine-tenths of a mile before someone picked him up and drove him to his home in the Village.

Huddleston came to at home to find his shoulder, left knee and hands scuffed and bleeding. He said he looked in the mirror and saw the whole left side of his face covered in blood.

‘Like a dream’

“I didn’t even remember what day it was,” said Huddleston, who thinks the collapse was probably due to dehydration. “I vaguely remember someone picking me up. It was like a dream.”

He’s not sure whether he was coherent or speaking on his car-ride home, but, according to his GPS, the car took him straight to his house.

Somehow he let himself inside the house and it appears the Good Samaritan never stepped foot inside.

Huddleston, a Virginia native with a lingering accent, said he always tries to “pay it forward” and do what he can to help out others.

“To me, it’s like it came back to me and I’m so grateful,” Huddleston.

If you know anything about Huddleston’s mystery helper that day, please e-mail the La Jolla Light at