La Jolla resident hosts podcast for seniors

By Ashley Mackin

Patsy Millard recently launched a podcast with a focus on senior citizens, called “Seniors Speak ... to Patsy.”

The La Jolla resident said each interview celebrates the personal and professional accomplishments of her guests, “and that means what they did and how they did it; it’s getting into the body of the person and trying to show as much of them as you can to other people,” she said.

(For those unfamiliar with the term, a podcast is a digital medium consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device.)

Her inaugural show featured Stanford Penner, UCSD Professor Emeritus in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. Other guests have included Neal Ash, Chair of the USO at Lindbergh Field, and USO San Diego Board Chair Charlotte Jacobs.

“To my knowledge, I did not know of anybody who was really concentrating on seniors, and we’re a big group now and we have a lot to offer,” she said. Case in point, her interview with 92-year-old Penner.

“Dr. Penner was going to Vienna every other month to represent the United States but no one really knows that much about him,” she said, adding she’s been trying to book Ann Romney, author and wife of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and diet guru and author Jenny Craig.

“Seniors Speak” is archived at

and features podcasts on the topics of business, community, lifestyle, military, politics, sports and technology.

Millard, who said she is the least tech-savvy of any of her friends, doesn’t even have an e-mail address, but enjoys other new technologies. She said someone she plays bridge with uses Google all the time, and that many of her friends have iPads. “The iPad is truly the thing of the future,” she said.

She also loves her cell phone. For her message notification, she has a whistling sound, which went off during her interview with La Jolla Light. “I’ll tell you what, when I first got the phone and heard that sound I thought, ‘at my age, I can’t believe it!’ ” thinking it was someone whistling at her.

Now that she has some technology figured out, Millard can focus on her podcast, which she started because she was bored with retirement. “(Being retired) wasn’t any fun, but now that I’m doing this, life is fun again. You have a mission to get up in the morning, you have to be places, it’s like being young again,” she said.