La Jolla Rec Center pillars to be restored

The board of La Jolla Parks and Recreation Inc. has voted to expend $60,000 to repair 39 fence pillars along the perimeter of the century-old rec center at 615 Prospect St., said Hobe Schroeder, the board’s treasurer.

“Those pillars need to be repaired and renovated, not replaced, because they’re historic,” he said.

“This is something the city typically would do, but they don’t have any money. It’s a huge amount of money, but the pillars are in really bad shape. We are now doing a really thorough job in preserving them.”

Schroeder said the money is being paid for by the rec center board out of funds left over from about $200,000 raised previously for the center in a drive spearheaded by former La Jollan Walt Hall.

Schroeder added one obstacle to be cleared in restoring the fence pillars is to get a right of entry permit from the city in order to do the work.

— By Dave Schwab