La Jolla Realtor group honors Adams


Kate Adams of Prudential California Realty has won the “MVP” award for La Jolla Realtors, the McNaught-Davis/Knox Award presented annually by the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association (REBA).

The award honors the member best exemplifying personal integrity, community service, salesmanship and cooperation with associates.

“It’s a very prestigious award,” noted Rob Insinger, who chairs a REBA committee of past McNaught-Davis/Knox Award recipients who choose among a dozen or more nominees every year. “It’s very meaningful because it’s from our peers: people we work and cooperate with — and also compete against — in our day-to-day endeavors.”

Adams, a former professor of architecture and 29-year REBA member, said, “It’s really exciting to be acknowledged by your peers.”

Asked why she felt her performance was singled out as exemplary, she said, “I have a reputation for having integrity, and I’ve been very active in the community for years.”

Adams added she’s from a family that teaches “you always give back where you live.”

To enhance her skills, Adams earned the Senior Real Estate Specialist designation, the Fine Homes Specialist designation and the Historical and Architectural Accreditation. She is a director of Prudential’s Luxury Properties division.

The S. Ralph Knox Award was created by REBA shareholders in 1962 at the suggestion of Eric McNaught-Davis to honor Knox, an outstanding salesman and former judge renowned for his honesty and fairness in business dealings. The award was renamed in 1987 to include McNaught-Davis, a highly esteemed shareholder with REBA for 40 years, who was one of the agency’s most successful agents and brokers.

Insinger added that the coveted award is a surprise to recipients.

“People don’t even know they’ve been nominated,” he said. “The ballot is secret and the winner is kept a secret until we (REBA) have the meeting and do the presentation.”