Answers to the photo scavenger hunt: Where in La Jolla is this?


Congratulations to the out-and-about La Jollans who found all seven mystery locations in La Jolla Light’s “Where in La Jolla Is This?” photo scavenger hunt, originally posted in the July 28, 2016 issue of La Jolla Light. James Rudolph, Tahirih Linz and Pollie Deza-Peck with Steven Peck found each site, some providing photos of their own to prove it. Linz, who took pictures of her daughter at each location, said, “My daughter and I spent an afternoon and found them all. It was so much fun! Thank you!”

A fourth questor, Peggy Fiorentino, got six out of seven sites. So close!

“This was fun and a great substitute for those of us who don’t play Pokemon Go!” she joked.

For those who didn’t find them all, here are the locations:

Mystery Photo 1: A sculpture on the coast in front of Casa de Mañana (near Children’s Pool)

Mystery Photo 2: The statue/installation fronting the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Mystery Photo 3: La Plaza La Jolla shopping center

Mystery Photo 4: La Jolla Recreation Center

Mystery Photo 5: La Jolla Riford Library

Mystery Photo 6: Ark Antiques store

Mystery Photo 7: El Pescador restaurant