La Jolla Permits — Sept. 12-16

Permit applications submitted to the city’s Development Services Office Setp. 12-16:

1132 Avenida Amantea. Replace 12 windows. No valuation listed.

5736 Dolphin Place. Replace wood beam with steel beam. $5,000.

1640 Torrey Pines Road. Replace drywall, upgrade electrical, roof sheathing; repair/replace dry rot and termite damage. No valuation listed.

7838 Herschel Ave. Install ceiling and lighting for proposed karate studio. $77,000.

7979 Ivanhoe Ave. Tenant improvements in commercial space. No valuation listed.

1542 El Paso Real. Add bedroom, bathroom, closet, powder room and office. No valuation listed.

811 Prospect St. Tenant improvements to existing restaurant. No valuation listed.