‘Bookshelf’ La Jolla parent launches fund to provide books to middle school

Muirlands Middle School teachers and students are welcoming an influx of hundreds of books thanks to “Bookshelf,” a project launched by La Jolla parent Tracy Trudeau. Trudeau is donating $10,000 to the Muirlands Foundation over the next four years to provide classrooms with books from every genre.

In support of the project, 20 percent of all purchases (gift cards and sale items excluded) made Saturday, Feb. 7 at Warwick’s, 7812 Girard Ave., will be donated to the Bookshelf fund. Customers should mention they would like to participate in the “Muirlands Bookshelf Event.”

Muirlands Principal Harlan Klein explained the genesis of the project:

“Mr. Trudeau approached the Muirlands Foundation and asked how he might help the school. One of the first things we had on our wish list was books. Our teachers continuously expressed desire to expand the selection of reading materials in their classrooms.

“Mr. Trudeau was immediately drawn to the idea and excited about the impact that hundreds of new books would have for our students.”

Throughout the year, and with input from students, teachers will submit lists of books they’d like to offer in their classroom libraries. School library tech Deb David will review the lists and have the luxury of granting most, if not all, requests through funds available by Bookshelf.

Over the next four years, Bookshelf will further enhance the choices students have when selecting literature for independent reading, class assignments and book clubs.

“I am incredibly honored to support Muirlands Foundation and its efforts to invest in quality teaching and learning tools,” Trudeau said. “Reading was an important part of my childhood and I hope I’ve passed this passion on to my own children. I now have the opportunity to share this passion with our local middle school students.”

Trudeau is a direct mortgage lender at Rancho Financial. He and his wife, Celeste, live in Bird Rock with their three children.

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