La Jolla Monopoly prodigy wins once again!


— Ashley Mackin

La Jolla Elementary School student and resident “Monopoly guy” Jack Munson continues his winning streak. After participating in — and emerging the victor — in a Monopoly tournament in Orange County in October 2013, Jack did it again in Bakersfield, the weekend of Feb. 15. During both matches, 10-year-old Jack won a $500 cash prize.

A regular competitor, Jack has played and defeated some Monopoly notables. In Bakersfield, the whiz competed against Lee Bayrd, the first person to win a World Monopoly Champion in 1973. Though Bayrd took second place, it was Jack that took first.

In Orange County, Jack played against Ken Curry, the author of “Monopoly Strategy,” which was on Jack’s nightstand at the time. He read the book, competed against the author, and won.

In a previous interview with

La Jolla Light

, Jack said of his strategy, “A lot of people think it’s just the luck of the die, but a lot if is actually about the trading. My strategy for every game is to get the oranges (St. James Place, Tennessee Avenue and New York Avenue). Most people think the dark blues (Park Place and Broadway) are the best monopolies to get, but the oranges are.”