La Jolla Light staff garners 15 San Diego Press Club awards

TheLa Jolla Lightstaff and contributors received a total of 15 honors from the San Diego Press Association during its 40th annual Excellence in Journalism Awards ceremony on Oct. 29 at the Jacobs Center at Market Creek in San Diego.

Press Club journalists from all media gathered to toast the winners and elect a new board of directors.

TV host Dennis Morgigno emceed the event, which featured gourmet tastings from local brewers, wineries and restaurants.

The big winners were humor writer Inga for numerous “Let Inga Tell You” columns and science writer, Lynne Friedmann, for “Research Reports” and her health and medicine coverage.

Reporter Pat Sherman took four, second-place awards in the categories: Breaking News, “City finally begins cleaning bird waste on La Jolla Cove cliffs”; Features, “Peter Fortescue says he led General Atomics team with adventurous spirit,” History, “Crumbling historic cottages ‘roost’ in perpetual limbo”; and Investigative Reporting, “Who’s on the hook for La Jolla’s busted pay phones?”

Reporter Ashley Mackin and graphic designer Daniel Lew grabbed a second place award for the ongoing Series, “La Jolla Centenarians.” Theater writer Diana Saenger won a second place for her review, “Midsummer silliness enchants at The Old Globe.”