La Jolla is poised for polishing, Mayor Filner



One of La Jolla’s biggest tourist attractions planned, starting with La Jolla Parks and — the seals and sea lions frolicking beaches’ (LJP&b’) planned remodel of the along its shorelines — is going global shoddy, unsafe sidewalk near Children’s Pool with the installation of a real-time webcam streaming images from the beach to whom ever logs on to to watch.

Thank you Mayor filner and Western alliance for Nature.

We’re certain, people who view the marine life display will want to come see it for themselves and spend their hard-earned vacation hours and dollars exploring the scenic jewel that is our beloved La Jolla.

But now this begs the question, what do we offer those enthusiasts when they come to visit? Does our Village live up to the hype?

Is our ocean air clean and refreshing? Our sidewalks and pathways clear and not crumbling? Our restrooms sanitary and safe? Our seawalls strong and supportive?

Do our restaurants and cafes provide memorable experiences? Do our businesses offer first-class service and value?

Many La Jollans are working behind the scenes to bring beautification and marketing projects to fruition. La Jolla has been ready to refresh itself for years now. funding is key and lacking at this point.

We hope and trust that if the mayor wants to increase tourism, he will expedite and help finance the Village improvement projects planned, starting with La Jolla Parks and Beaches’ (LJP&B’) planned remodel of the shoddy, unsafe sidewalk near Children’s Pool (not nearly as rapturous on camera as our seals). To keep project costs at $250,000, time is of the essence to secure funding.

Additional La Jolla improvement projects worth considering include managing the La Jolla Cove odor, easing traffic congestion along Torrey Pines Road and working with the owner of Red Roost and Red Rest cottages to come up with a sensible plan to restore or relocate these historic, albeit, horrific eyesores. Thank you, Mayor, for taking La Jolla under your wing with prompt, populist action. We hope your commitment to the Village is one that will endure.