La Jolla High to receive new security cameras


La Jolla High School is getting additional security cameras for its campus perimeter thanks to Las Patronas and the La Jolla High School Foundation, which awarded a total of $10,000 in grant money for the upgrade to campus security.

The new cameras will be installed in locations previously out-of-range of current equipment. Administrators say they will help prevent truancy, theft, break-ins and potential dangers to students and faculty.

“La Jolla High School is different from most other schools in the district,” La Jolla High vice principal Will Hawthorne said. “There are many nooks and crannies where students and adults can hide. The cameras will be placed in strategic locations that give us a broad scope of the entire campus.”

Grant funding will add 12 new cameras to 26 currently existing on campus. Built in the 1920s, La Jolla High serves a widely divergent population of about 1,650 students, about 90 percent of whom go on to attend colleges or universities.

— City News Service