La Jolla High students take inspiration from ‘Glee’

By Roger Li


During Thursday lunch periods at La Jolla High School, 25 students can routinely be found in Christine O’Donoghue’s AP English classroom. Instead of eating or socializing, these students give their own renditions of songs that range from “The Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin to “Let it Be” by The Beatles to “Mine” by Taylor Swift.

These musically inclined teens are members of La Jolla High’s Glee Club, a group that has quickly become LJHS’s most discussed sensation.

At every meeting, Max MacMillan, the Glee Club president, selects two pieces for the club to perform: one modern pop song and one classic rock song. MacMillan brings lyrics, a boombox and an acoustic guitar. With those three simple ingredients, the Glee Club tackles new songs every Thursday.

MacMillan says that he was inspired by “Glee,” the television musical about a band of teenage outcasts and misfits that come together to make music. Although not all the members of Glee at La Jolla High share the same natural talents as the stars of the show, MacMillan, an avid ukulele and guitar player, says that the club was intended as an opportunity to both share his love of music and bring his peers out of their shells.

“Everyone possesses the capability to make music,” MacMillan said. “I like to try and dig it out. I’ve noticed that Glee Club members aren’t afraid to sing in public anymore. The world is never safe from an impromptu Glee Club concert. The club gets potential singers over the first hill, the fear of performing in front of people.”

When asked about his future plans for Glee Club, MacMillan expressed his desire to integrate Glee with Varsity Strings, a musical charity organization MacMillan created his sophomore year.

“We go around San Diego playing benefit concerts for whoever wants us,” MacMillan said.. “We also sponsor a nonprofit surgical gifts group called ‘Fresh Start.’ Once Glee Club has 10 songs we can do really well, it can be part of the [Varsity Strings] adventure.”

Until then, Glee Club will continue to bring its dynamic musical spirit to La Jolla High’s campus.

Roger Li is a senior at La Jolla High.