La Jolla High student to sing at Padres Closing Day

Special to the Light

Vaill D’Angelo, a 15-year-old sophomore at La Jolla High remembers seeing her first Padres game with her grandparents when she was just 3 years old.

She remembers hearing The National Anthem being sung on the field and the crowd showing respect by standing up and taking off their hats.

She has always been moved by the words and the story behind the song. She hoped someday to sing The National Anthem at a Padres Game. Her dream will become a reality on Sept. 28 — Closing Day — when the Padres play the Chicago Cubs at Petco Park at 5:35 p.m.

Vaill auditioned to sing the National Anthem back in June and didn’t hear anything for about three weeks. She thought she didn’t get it and thought she’d try again next year.

Then she got a call from the Padres saying they would love to have her sing and would she like to perform at closing day?

“I was so excited I could not believe it was real” Vaill said. “It took me a while to believe it and when I saw the official e-mail inviting me to sing I believed it. I will be singing the traditional version a cappella from the field.”

The La Jolla High student plans to keep singing, is teaching herself to play the guitar, and attends weekly voice and piano lessons. She also writes her own music and composes original songs.

She is a member of The La Jolla High Madrigals and recently traveled to San Francisco to perform and be judged. She and male vocalist Trevor Menders were selected by their teacher Mrs. Henderson to sing the solos in the song, “Fields of Gold.” The choir got an “excellent " rating on their performance.

She also won the award for “best soprano,” voted on by her peers last year.