La Jolla High sophomore sings for her country, Padres fans

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Padres closing night 2011 will be one that Vaill D’Angelo, her brother and her parents Joe and Lisa remember for a long, long time. The La Jolla High sophomore sang the National Anthem at the opening ceremony.

“I loved it! I wasn’t nervous until about 10 minutes before I was about to go on,” she wrote in an e-mail to the Light. “Everything was very scheduled so I knew what to expect. I was scheduled to sing at 27 minutes and 30 seconds into the pre-game. Just before my time came up, I ran through the song in my head and one time out loud with my Mom, Dad and brother and it felt great.

“About a minute before I went on the field, a member of the Pad-Squad handed me my microphone and I got super excited. I walked out to the field and they introduced me and all of my nerves went away and I had such a great feeling being out there in front of everyone.”

During the game as she walked around Petco Park, she added, “a lot of people that I didn’t even know complimented me and said “great job” and it felt so good.”

The night before, the LJHS Madrigals had the same honor. Vaill, a member, did not sing that night, choosing instead to save her voice for closing night.