La Jolla High School students aim to Walk the Walk


By Danielle Daitch

Sports Editor, LJHS High Tide

La Jolla High School is participating in a nationwide contest sponsored by popular surf brand Hurley.

The contest, known as Hurley: Walk the Walk, allows students to post viral videos on the Hurley Web site. There are three videos to be posted in total, one each for the months of February, March and April. The first are due to go up on Feb. 8

The theme of the first video is “DNA” and asks La Jolla to highlight students who are exceptionally talented in the areas of art, music, surf and fashion, the cornerstones of the Hurley brand.

The second video chronicles La Jolla High students and their use of Hurley products.

The third and final video documents students as they take over a Hurley store for one night. One important component to this final video is the night that La Jolla takes over the Hurley store and 10 percent of the retail proceeds from the night go directly to the school.

In addition, La Jolla High will receive $500 for each video uploaded to the site. The community is asked to go to and vote for La Jolla High’s videos starting later this month.

Receiving the most votes online through March will allow La Jolla students to attend the competition finals to be held in Huntington Beach this August. La Jolla High hopes to advance as far as possible, as progressing entails more money for the school, which is indispensable in light of continuing budget cuts.

This competition will allow students to show their creativity, all the while benefiting their academic community.